Case Study

Mystery Warrior - The North Bersted Man 

The Novium Museum, Chichester

The 'Mystery Warrior' was discovered in 2008 by Thames Valley Archaeological Services Ltd. And was found during archaeological investigations, prior to the construction of Berkley Homes' Bersted Park,
near Chichester in West Sussex.

The Mystery Warrior is arguably the most elaborately equipped warrior grave ever found in England, archaeologists believe he was a refugee French Gallic fighter who fled Julius Caesar's Roman Army as they swept across continental Europe around 50BC.

Due to the significance of the artefacts, a team of world class experts worked with The Novium Museum, to analyse and interpret the finds to tell the story of this incredible individual.

Mystery Warrior_Novium Museum 2.jpg
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Marketing Gem was selected to develop the communications plan to promote the internationally acclaimed 'Mystery Warrior: The North Bersted Man' exhibition, and Roman week 2020. The scope of work included a social media strategy, and digital and print advertising. 

There were many different strands to the diverse audience for this project, including a lecture series, family and community days along with a collaboration with local designers and makers who created a range of unique contemporary craft objects in response to the Mystery Warriors elaborate headdress.

The exhibition claimed international recognition, with sell out talks and lectures, an increase in social media engagement and followers. I was able to provide a wide variety of marketing outputs, from research and strategic planning, to digital and print advertising and social media strategy.